Thursday, November 16, 2006

bitchn actas

yeh hi im stil makin my movei it taeks a fuk lode longa than ud think esp wen tha actin guys all hate each otha n wana bitch n complane all tha time liek yes2day tim roth whos gona b my bud gary sed their wos no fukn way he wd work wiv rody mcdowl whos gona b my mum dont wory its jus a movei my mums not a guy
so i had 2 fukn kik them both in tha nees n wen they fel on tha flaw i had to kik em in tha hed n say u r jus actas u r jus liek fukn tools n u do wot we tel u 2 do u fuks n then i chukd liek 400 quid at them n they shut tha fuk up
so thats tha lessun if ur actas bitch jus kik tha shit outa them n they giv em a bit of mony n theyl shut up

hahahah fuk yes

luv grant

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

grant movie

yeh so neway i went 2 a tv stashion n kidnaped tha hed guy n i sed make a movei about me or il fukn kill u n put ur hed in a nucler bom n fire it in2 outa space n then il mary ur wife n then dump her n shel be all liek y did u do that i feel so bad hahaha n neway the tv guy ses ok il make a movie wot about
n i sed about me u fukn ideot hahaha n i punchd him in tha fukn face ne he was cryin n goin ok ok its gona b tha best movei eva n i sed no shit n i punchd him in tha face n kikd him in tha bals hahaha

neway tha movies gona b calld fuk yes tha grant edmunds storey

hahaha fukn fuk yes

ill tel u more l8r im meetin steven fry n van dam now


luv grant

Thursday, October 05, 2006


i rote a joke n this is it.

q. y does bono wear dark glases all tha time?

a. cos he is a cunt.


luv grant

ps tel ur frends hahahahaha but tel them it wos grants joke ok

Friday, September 15, 2006

ps3 party

hey fuk yes wel evrything was a bit crasy i fukn tel u hahahaha
neway wat hapnd was i was playin ps3 n i was up 4 3 nites in a row so i tk 40 tabs of heroen to keep me awake n playin ps3 games that no1 else can play yet hahahaha fuk yes wen their was a fukn massiv noise n abt 20 cops came runnin in2 tha werehouse cos its my hideout now n sed hey were gunna arest u n i sed hey wait a sec y not hav sum tabs of heroen n we can hav a party playin ps3 n shit.
so all tha cops tk sum hereon n we playd ps3 n evry1 had liek 2000 ps3s to themself n tha cops got all these otha drugs n shit n boozx n we were shootn there guns n man it was fukn wkd
wen they all fell aslep cos they r pusies i stol there guns n i lokd em in a contaner n i pushd tha contaner on a forlift n i put them on a fukn ship hahahahaha fuk yes

now tha party cops r havin a salin party hahahaha mayb theyl do sum bunyhoppin hahahaha fuk yes

neway more games revews soon

fuk yes

luv grant

Thursday, September 14, 2006

ps3 games reveiws

hahaha thats riteim revewin games that im playin on my 400000 ps3s that no1 else can play yet so suk shit hahaha
neway this is tha 1st 1 its calld Serj n destroy n in it u n Serj from SOAD r best buds n u get 2 go around n kil heaps of ideots n also u drink a lot of beer n play fukn hardcore music n then u n serj get dresd up as ninjas n u go n kill fukn more ideots liek maroon 5 n othas
its fukn wkd n im tha world recod holda cos no1 else can play it yet hahahahahahahahaha

fuk yes

luv grant

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


hi yeh tha cops stil havnt got me so im fukn runnin free
i fnd a big werehouse wen i wos hidin out n inside was 40000 new ps3s so iv bn fukn playion ps3 b4 any1 else its fukn wkd i wil tel u more soon

also i hav a myspace its


luv grant

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

cops n banks

neway tha cops all most cort me n found my hide out but i fukn sneekd of at tha last minit n robed a bank so now im rich hahaha fuk yes.
at tha bank ther was this chik n she was goin all liek can i cum n hav sex wiv u n i sed sumthin cool liek fukn mayb l8r baby im kinda bizy rite now but u can see me on crimestopas n think about sukn me of hahaha she luvd it.
also i kiled my drug dealr cos he tryd to rip me of so if ne1 nos a gd drugs guy put a coment on hear

hahaha fukn fuk yes

luv grant on tha run

Friday, September 01, 2006

on tha run

yeh neway fuk u cos i tht i had ades cos i had a wank ina girls toylets so my maet gary sed i shd taek shitlodes of speed n i did n it maed me fukn run fasta than ne fukn 1 ever in tha ntire wold n it maed me fukn tuff 2 n i had figt wiv 27 gang guys n i kikd ther fukn asess hahaha n then they dyed so now tha cops wana fukn get me n im on tha run.

wish me luk u cokheds hahaha

love grant

Saturday, April 22, 2006

a leter n sum qwestons

neway theirs 2 thins 1 is tha fukn tv compny i sen them a leter cos their wos no fukn reply 2 my 1st 1 this is it:

subject: me on tv talkn abt masterbatin

hey i send u a fukn emale abt bein on tv but no1 has send me nethin bak. all my frends r gona espekt me 2 b on tv so can u male me n say wen its gona hapen


n tha otha thing is im startin a qweston n ansa thing so put yr qwestons in tha coments hears 1 2 get u startd

q hey grant y r u so fukn cool n wkd wen evry1 else is just a fukn lot of dikheds n cunts thx luv amy ps i am sexi we shd do it

ansa: hi amy wel that is jus tha way it is im sory but i wil bone u if u want hahaha
luv grant

so snd in ur qwestons n i wil ansa them

luv grant

Saturday, April 01, 2006


neway it lks liek im gona b on tv.
i red dis ad n i sent them a mail so i shd b on tv prety soon so fukn suk on it italeon guy hahaha.
sirius tho i copid tha ad done hear. it dosnt say 4 shore but i rekn i wil b shoin chik how 2 wank proper. hahaha fukn wkd.
this is tha ad

TV company is looking for women to embark on an intimate journey and share their experiences

TV company is looking for men who are compulsive masturbators.


fukn wkd eh? soon il b wankin wiv chiks n havin heeps mor drugs 4 free at fukn fansy tv plaises hahaha

fuk yes

luv grant

Thursday, January 19, 2006

fukn darknes

yeh so neway im pised of wiv da darknes cos i cant fukn tell if there takin tha piss or not

Thursday, December 15, 2005


yeh neway mery fukn xmas n 2 all a good nite hahaha

i got a job wrkin on tha wkend its fukn wkd in a supamrkt. all i hav 2 do is push sum trolys round n pre10 im busy but im not reely. hahaaha! fukn wkd
n sumtiems hot chiks cum in n they all pesta me goin shit liek o grant can we hav suk on ur cok n i hav 2 say no im wrkn cant u c but mayb l8r u can suk it n we can do sum drugs if my mums lets me go out.
its a big hassel wen ur so famus hahaha

neway i hav 2 go n get fukn drunk jest 4 fun. hahaha

luv grant

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

tag stuf

neway sumthin calld taggn is sposed 2 b tha best fun in tha fukn world or sumthin so hear it is 4 u its a old favrite

10 bands i like 2 wank 2

1. system of a down
(tha best)
2. radiohead
3. xtina
4. zep
5. afi
6. bonny prince billy
7. insaen clown posse
8. wilco
9. metallica
10. hednrix

i wil botha sum peopl but if u wana tel ur own wankin songs u can

luv grant

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

is it possibal?

neway i was havin a shit n i thot can i hav a wank at tha same time n i coodnt realy do it but i was wunderin if ne1 new if its possibal 2 hav a shit n a wank at tha same time?

luv grant

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

sum guy tim minchin or sumthin

neway neal that big bruv dik made me go 2 tha th8r iwv him n we wen n saw sum guys doin crapy stuf n then this guy tim minchen or sumthin. im prety shore hes gay cos he lks wierd ne he has funy hair n he all ways sings songs abt arsholes n bums but fuk me hes a prety funy gay fukr. tha only otha bit that anoyed me woz tha ryme struktya

luv grant

Friday, October 07, 2005


yeh so neway iv bn in hospidal 4 a littel bit but im bak now so fuk yes.
I wen 2 this party n liek i sed their wos heeps of chiks n they wer gettin drunk n stuf. neway this ugle chik whos party it wos had cancer so my frend Lee gave her a simpathy finga n she wos all hapy bout that so wen Lee sed hey we shd do sum bunyhoppin she wos all liek ok.
so all tha chiks got in a line n nelt on tha flor wiv there hands up liek rbit ears n us guys tk off our jeens n tk turns hoppin from 1 2 tha nex n stoppin at eech 1 n hangin yr cok down so the chik cld giv it a bit of a wank b4 u hop to tha nex chik. sum r mingas n sum r hot so u get a bit of evryting. neway i had my turn n it wos ok but at tha 2nd chik i hung my balls down insted of my cok n this chik jus grabed em n startd yankin n i wos screemin no that fukn hurts n neway wen she stopd my balls wer all broosd n i hd 2 call my mums 2 take me 2 that hospidal n hot fukn nurses put creem on my balls but that sukd 2 cos it fukn killd wen i got a bone
neway im bak now

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


goin 2 a party on tha wkend n heeps of chiks r gonna b their. it shd be wkd espeshly if their is sum bunyhoppin wen they r drunk


Thursday, September 08, 2005


neway i stol sum condoms from tha shops n tk m bak home.
wankd wiv m on 4 a chang n it woz ok but it fukn herts yr hand wen u wank wiv a studed 1

Monday, August 22, 2005


yeh so neway i hvnt bn hear 4 a wile bcoz all this shit wen down.
mums stopd me from usin tha compter afta all thes nuns came to our hous n tol me i woz a fukn evil wizad or sumthin 4 talkn bout pregnat nuns n mums sed no compter 4 a wile n i sed ok then im takn fukn drugs n ridin a harly n goin 2 biker bars n havn fites n shit ne she sez ok then if u hav 2 so i did.
neway im bak now so stop cryin~!!!!!
fuk yes

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


just wantd 2 say thanx 2 all tha nuns who sent me pix. sum of u r not mingas. i wil choose 1 luky nun soon 2 get boned so don wory. i hav put sum of tha emails i got unda here.

from sista constance in america

"hi grant u r the fukn wkdst n coolst fukn guy on tha web. u shd pik me 2 bone coz im a hot nun n im akin 4 sum ackshun. pik me grant n i wil make u hapy"

she souns very nice. this 1 was from sister ron dunno where

>Hello, Grant. I see you're keen to get together with a "sexxy" nun. Well, I'm a >very attractive nun and I believe I could teach a young man like yourself a thing >or two about the joys of carnality. I understand that you like to sit on park >benches, and you also enjoy wanking. I'm very keen on both of these pursuits also. >Perhaps we could go to a local park together and sit on a bench and wank each >other? It'd certainly make a pleasant change. Just let me know the name of your >local park and I'll be sure to turn up there at, say 11pm. Remember, I am a sexy >nun, but because I'll have to sneak out of the convent I may have to wear a >disguise, like a false moustache and beard. Don't be alarmed. I look forward to >your response. Lots of love, Sister Ron."

suk on that italean guy. in yor face! hahahaha

n 1 more. didn say who she was but probly hot

> Make your girlfriend or wife speechless with increased hardness, richer
>orgsms and more power in bed! Order now and benefit from lowest costs
>and convenient shipment! Millions of people enjoy goods from these
>brands, and they are more than happy!

so thats tha news bout nuns